The end of my quest and my voyage is in sight. Started rounding up my things this evening and came across a purchase from the clocks guy in the antique market in Florence. Can’t believe that was just 3 weeks ago. Feels like a time warp. As though that happened aeons ago. I look back and realize I was a different person.

So in keeping with my newly acquainted, amazing Yoga teacher from Hawaii Jennie Lee’s advice – I thought of one word that would intuitively express how I’m feeling today.

And the word that came up for me was ‘touched’.

I’m touched by the beautiful souls from all walks of life that I have met at Lemon Tree House. I’m touched by how I hear in their work, and see in their eyes – the same human spirit – that resides in me. I’m touched by the loving generous support these creatives have offered me. The kind I often find so lacking in people. I’m touched!

After a beautiful Tuscan Electric storm this morning I headed down the hill to Piazze – a little town that offers a weekly Thursday fresh produce market. I was on my way to do my shopping, grab an Italian cappuccino and a much amassage.

I was touched by the sight I have now come to take for granted – of the pines and vineyards rolling around me as far as my eye can see. Of the olive trees with their familiar grey green foliage. And the green buzzing bugs that look like little leaves taking flight.

After my much deserved cappuccino and pastry, I made my way to the massage parlor.

Anticipating the relief from getting the tightness in my shoulders released, I lay face down listening to the ambient sounds of tibetan bowls singing in the background. And then … I was touched. I was Physically touched! My massage was so beautifully flowing and gentle and I forgot how amazing it felt to be touched by another human being. To feel the contact and warmth of skin on skin. After almost 4 weeks of traveling alone I welcomed and received Fredricas healing touch with gratitude.

Relaxed and at peace I knew – even though Italy has seen me, heard me, and even touched me in ways no words can begin to share I’m ready to go home. Ready to hold and be held by my 3 beautiful kids, amazing husband and 2 cats.