Growing up I would often hear this phrase from adults around me attempting to bring the ‘youngsters’ heads out of the clouds. “You cannot live on love and fresh air” they would say passionately. “You need a means of earning – you need food and clothing and a roof over your head” they would argue with the young lovers, in support of their case.

After my last week at Camporsevoli in Cetono I would challenge this. Surrounded by amazing creative minds who give themselves permission to listen to their hearts and challenge the status quo. In the midst of the pine woods with chatter of squirrels, hooting of owls and the calming buzz of bees and wasps. Housed in stone walls that have tales to tell from the 1200’s. I tell you – I could live on love and fresh air.

At the best of times I have always had a very tricky relationship with food. I ate when I was sad, when I celebrated and when even when i was anxious. I promise you – with all the words whirring in my head, the smell of wine, the sound of sweet poetry and freedom of laughter – I forget to eat. I Just don’t feel hungry! And even when I do eat -it’s sun-drenched ripe peaches, or the rosiest tomatoes and freshest basil – off the plant outside, drizzled with balsamic and Italian olive oil that call me.

So I AM living on love – love for all that is in this world! for the beautiful universe! Love for The amazing tribe I have met, that I feel a part of. Love for my courageous self and my beautiful supportive family. Love for the warm sun and the diving birds and the productive bees. Love for the light butterflies and the delicious joy that fills me.

Yeah! Living on love and fresh air is definitely possible. Sorry to say Old Folk “Quite addictive Too!”