So this morning I woke up to the sunshine after a couple of days of rain in the Certona Valley of Siena.

It’s been 2 very emotional days here – I have watched my limiting beliefs creep into my thoughts and leave me quite paralyzed at times. My inner critic has been having a feast – surrounded by phenomenal, successfully published authors with Masters in Fine Arts and multiples genres on their belts – it’s no wonder why holding my own has been challenging. This physical body with its physical identity of separating one from another needed to be managed.

As I sat at the orientation brunch of this two week writers residency programme and heard everyone share their projects and their challenges and the messages they are attempting to share with the world – I felt myself connect to this safety circle and re-member ‘I am a soul’ – I am as they are, as we are! All divine- all one!

And once I let that go – the magic has unfolded. It’s been Christmas morning every morning. The day reveals little hidden gifts – I just have to re-member who I am and I receive.

I thank my generous spouse and truly awesome kids for all their coaching, love and support that allows me to build my tribe. My tribe of creative genius …, very blessed!