Through all these liberties God has afforded me and I have had the courage to gift to myself … I look back on the last week and I know already – I am forever changed.

What sticks out for me most right now is my sense of freedom. Don’t get me wrong – I’m hardly an enslaved women in my home. But, I hardly allow myself limitlessness.

I allow time, responsibilities that truly aren’t really do or die – schedules and expectations to keep me shackled. Being here in Tuscany in the rolling hills and valleys I have planned nothing in advance, went with what I felt worked for the day and approached this trip trusting that however much or little I see will be perfectly right for me. Letting go of the kids and their health and well-being, my spouse and how to help him cope has all aided this process towards limitlessness. It’s been abundant … abundant smiles, abundant ease, uncomfortably beautiful experiences and abundant time with me and my divinity.

Never again will I let myself feel caged.

Today I fully comprehend the meaning of this enigmatic Rumi quote. We don’t even know we’re trapped. And when we do – we blame others … when all it takes is turning the key and letting ourselves out. But to be fair the true courage lies in walking away from the cage… leaving it behind and taking the leap of faith!