I had to pinch myself today … if someone had to tell me that I would be transported into the depths of the forest in Tuscany, pass deer and wild boars towards a cooking school in the woods, I would have never believed it.

Feeling so blessed to have come across this experience by chance yesterday – tried for a booking and there was space today. Wow! I was in an Italian kitchen literally making dough for my own ravioli and proofing my pizza dough while tiramisu was underway.

I never realized how calming and therapeutic good food, amazing music and cooking together with warm and loving souls could be. The hosts and I chopped and sliced and kneaded and rolled. And the more I seemed to work the dough and sift the flour the more I felt myself open up and release. We laughed and played and danced. Literally ate, drank and was merry.

I feel truly satiated with my intoxicating soul food experience. Even got to bring padkos for tomorrow – wrapped in plastic ware and foil. Warmed my blessed heart.

Food for the soul … Hey! Soul food😊