I have peppered this trip with moments to play, sense and inspire my creativity, and others to reflect, connect and feel being with me.

Today’s that perfect pyjama day. Montepulciano – a small town about an hour from Siena is where I’ve chosen to nestle myself – an airbnb apartment in the historic city centre. From my window this morning I hear the Italian store owners greeting each other as they open the Bottegas (small corner shops) and the early bird American tourists excitedly make their way up the street to the site where the Twilight Saga- New Moon Volterra scenes were filmed.

After my normal morning routine, i sit at my window, sip my coffee and reflect on how much more i have learned about myself. The framework i use to do this I use with my Life Coaching clients. I thought I’d share these today as i find them so useful and worth tracking at least annually on our journey to firstly get to know ourselves – towards falling in love with ourselves. Hard to fall in love with someone you don’t know right? Doing this exercise today helped me respect how much i have changed in the last few months. For the worse or the better – i really don’t know? And in the greater scheme of life, who am i to judge me?

Try it out – give yourself an hour today. Have a soak in an epsom salt bath, play your favorite music and check your VITALS:

Values – what are the important values that describe you?

Interests – what do you give your attention to and what piques your curiosity

Temperament – how do you recalibrate? Alone? Are you happier being spontaneous or having plans? Do you prefer details or big ideas?

Around the clock – are you a morning person? Do you prefer exercising in the evenings? What time of the day are you most energetic?

Life Mission – what’s your purpose in life? It doesn’t have to be a physical goal. Get people to smile? Promote peace? What motivates you to wake up every morning?

Strengths – In ability? Skill? And Character?

You may only get through a few of these at each sitting – that’s all good! When you are complete – read it over. Be amused. Be impressed. Be forgiving and make at least one change in your life to Honour who you are!

One step closer to the Divine YOU!