So I woke up with a low grade panic as I realized that my time in this magical bustling city is nearing an end. I was so caught up in the nostalgia and time travel in Florence that I hadn’t walked into a single store or bought any gifts.

So I started my day gifting – I don’t know why but buying a gift for a loved one really fills my heart – I carefully selected scarves and hats that I knew would suit my family members and got to bargain at the mercato centrale over olive oil.

Shopping in hand I headed to the experience that I’ve been looking forward to all week – an outdoor watercolour painting class. In Firenze! Out of a movie right? And I was living it … woohoooooo!

What a surreal moment – I met the art teacher near Duomo and we strolled down towards the Arno river with our supplies in hand and within 10 minutes I was sitting in a park and sketching out the skyline of the Italian palaces. Soon everything faded …. the tired tourists resting on the benches … the young lovers kissing under the giant trees all the city sounds…. It was me … the palaces and the cool afternoon breeze from the flowing Arno.

The sketching took me into myself as drawing and painting does. I usually paint in oils and this was my attempt to extend myself. Let’s just say as picturesque and therapeutic as my creative afternoon was – my watercolor requires a lot more practice than my 4 hour class. I hadn’t realized how mentally exhausted I was until I reached my hotel room – take away pizza and shopping in hand.

Drifting off to sleep I thought ‘ magical Firenze …. I will be back’ Who knows? Maybe to study art …