I fell in love again today…. forgot how great that feels.

I was sitting at the balcony of a pub eating crispy bruschetta with truffle oil and porcini mushroom overlooking Il Campo in Siena. The midday sun was beating down on the oval shaped square and tourists were vying the northern edges of the building line looking for strips of shade.

At eyeline was all the first floors of these century old maize yellow buildings with fading plaster, scabbed and chipped brickwork and rusty wrought iron railings. Having just been in the center of the square enovalled by these beautiful old buildings and towering palazzo and fountains of Gaia running beneath me – I looked into the tourists capturing different angles and tried to place this feeling in my heart.

Sweet relief from the Tuscan sun came in the form of a light cool breeze as I gazed upon the palazzo. I felt such peace in this square unlike I have felt anywhere else in this trip. And I placed it, the oval sunken palazzo with curved palazzo and buildings felt like a huge hug! I felt sun-kissed and hugged at Il Campo today….

….. I fell in love!