Yesterday’s Knick knack shopping so satisfied my sense of touch and feel, so today I unleashed my other 4 senses. I scheduled my day around tastes and flavors and trusted that the rest will appear.

With Gelateria on almost every corner in Firenze I was spoilt for choice. I settled on Grom – 2 scoops of creamy hazelnut and chocolate gelato had my tastebuds doing the Macarena!

This equipped me for my step back in time at the Ufizzi Gallery. The Renaissance art left me in awe of the magnitude, depth in Colour and detail of the pieces produced by the Italian legends. And the building itself, with original frescoes and the view from the balcony. A sight for sore eyes.

My tired feet seemed to forget their woes as the gold jewelry stores flagged me as I crossed the Ponte Vecchio. And not more than 10 feet on the other side of the Arno river was Gino’s Bakery – with Gino himself serving up his renowned cannoli. This Italian pastry was thin and crispy and filled with a cappuccino flavored sweet mascarpone on the inside.

Savoring every last bite I headed towards Piazza Santa Maria Nouvelle only to be met on a side street by the scent of the most beautiful flowers. I literally backtracked and stopped in front of the Santa Maria Nouvelle Perfumerie. What a sensual delight. From Almond oil soap bars that smell like ‘royal creams’ to ‘rose water’ incense sticks and ‘spring flower’ room sprays – I was transported to fields of flowers at every turn. A few hundred euro later – having engaged my senses of taste, sight and smell I made my weary way back to the hotel.

With the sun setting behind me I reflected on how much I enjoyed stimulating my senses today only to be met by the resonating sounds of UB40’s timeless ‘I can’t help falling in love with you’ echoing in the square ahead. Parcels in hand I headed to the steps of the church and joined the rest of the rest as the nostalgic voice of this lone guitarist brought to an end my sensory buffet. What a feast! Fit for a queen …. or a Medici!