This last week has been so effervescent – i have found myself in the lead up to my month alone with ALL of me in the rolling hills of Tuscany feeling like i need to whisper – as if sharing this secret will cause it to evaporate. The child like excitement has had me feeling butterflies in my tummy (a feeling I haven’t had for ages) as a i packed and prepared to embark on what i can only call – my pilgrimage to me!

Pilgrimage according to Wikipedia means to travel to a far off land for spiritual enlightenment and another definition talks about worship. The more i think about it this pilgrimage is to connect and worship all aspects of me and then naturally my creator – cos the older i get the more I realize you can’t build love forthe one without the other.

I sit here today with 2 hours left of my flight to Bologna (one step closer to Florence) with a nervous unknowing of what lies ahead and who i am to be. And as i contemplate the possibilities of who i will be in a months time when I’m heading back home – i cant help but smile as i feel all the cells in my body vibrate with aliveness and freedom at the endless possibilities.

Like all journeys in pursuit of increased light and love this journey too has come with its challenges in the last week. Many many opportunities challenging my commitment to leave it all behind, all the kids, family and relationship issues. Four hour flight delays, racing to connecting flights bringing to light my levels of patience and submission forcing me to relinquish control.

I left OR Tambo on 9/11 and as i stepped through immigration and the home affairs officer blankly stamped my passport – with that thud i dropped all the suitcases and baggage i carry – as wife, therapist, mother, friend, healer, daughter, sister and committed to me and god.

………… i go lightly ………………….