After much needed physical rest and restoration I’ve spent the day reacquainting myself with Firenze. This beautiful renaissance city proved to be a perfect choice for my journey within. My journey to my creative self. My inner goddess.

Florence itself is the creative capital of Italy and walking the streets I am surrounded by beautiful, solid architecture that has proven to stand the test of time, bridges that whisper stories and artworks and sculptures that draw me into myself. So inspiring!

The bustling piazas help keep me connected to people and even more special is the holograms that the stone walls and cobbles seem to have stored. As I turn tight corners into streets I have once walked with my partner a few years ago, these images seem to pop out and I can’t help but smile with warmth at the words I recall and the laughter still so tangible. Such a delight – even though I left all behind me I have taken them with me – now that’s been insightful for me. Never knew how much these fond memories would soothe me in my first leg of my journey.

Alone! But not quite….. feeling so grateful