While I have been very quiet on my blogs the last few months, i assure you that’s about the only area in my life that has been ‘quiet’. In every other way my life has been overwhelming, exhausting, exciting, tedious, overflowing with creativity, fulfilling – just crazy mad! You know that kind of crazy mad, that births masterpieces – like Van Gogh’s ‘ Starry night’!

Well my friends – with much support from the Universe and friends and family – Wellness on Alon has become my masterpiece. Wellness on Alon is a wellness centre that offers a space to recharge mind, body and soul. We honour the physical, mental and emotional bodies in our combination of medical and holistic service offerings. And the team we have in the various spaces, are phenomenal individuals who all share a passion for client care.

I feel humbled as I recall my husband and I driving past a ‘for sale’ board less than a year ago – walking in to view the oasis in the middle of Morningside, and knowing right there and then that this has potential to morphe into this vision, I held safely tucked away in the back of my mind. Considering I’m a CA – I’m quite embarrassed to admit that there was no business plan, or market analysis – there was only heart, vision and mountains of trust in the higher power that drives us.

This 4th (unplanned child) is a project that challenged and transformed my relationships – with my partner, as we navigated our relationships with money and our own egos. My kids as they resentfully made space for this 4th child that at times was quite colicky. Even my dad who brought his renovation team to the table.

Like my 3 children whom I wrongfully thought I would guide, nurture and teach; my 4th child – my Wellness Centre too – has held up the mirror on numerous occasions to show me my shadows and taught me patience, perseverance and tenacity to work for my dreams.

And while this baby Centre is just two months old – I already feel the joy of having fought my fears and slayed my self doubts, as I see people walk through the doors, leaving happier and healthier.

I’ve realized that life is going to give us challenges in one way or another – so I’m going to choose and celebrate (no matter how exhausting), the challenges, that keep me moving forward towards my dreams. I dare you to try it! Throw caution to the wind today and live YOU…..

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