Matt Kahn and his Love revolution is credited with this paradoxical yet very calming phrase. ‘I am mentally alert! I am physically calm’. Try out this almost contradictory statement for yourself. Repeat it a few times. It’s strangely peaceful …..

This statement, I believe resonates so much because it is the desired state to be optimum as a human being in this crazy time we are living in. As a stress-less coach I engage with a number of people trying so hard to juggle all these balls and as a result of their mental overstimulation, I find their minds and bodies take strain and inevitably give in.

Being mentally active is important – it helps us learn, communicate and organize our careers (our passions). However, allowing this mental stimulation to affect our sleep, overwhelm our nervous system, trigger the chemicals that swim through our bodies and in turn result in physical pain, inflammation and disease is counterproductive and no way to live fully!

So being mentally active is every humans desire and being physically calm at the same time – would be the ultimate success formula.

To me this, is the conundrum of our generation and I have realized that in pursuing my career and life goals with mental alertness I need to punctuate my pursuit with moments where I manage my nervous system (cos that’s where I feel it first).

By practicing 30second breathing every 2 hours. Or taking a 10minute silent (cellphone free) stroll, in the sunlight. Or even just meditating for 5mins at lunch. Basically incorporating mindfulness practices into my day, I feel present and not wired.

I also use TRE (Tension Releasing Exercises) and Yoga Practise, at least once a week as well as my exercise regime to ensure that my ‘physically calm’ state is maintained. Being mindful for me extends to mindfulness around toxicity. I stay away from food that is not ‘alive’ and ‘real’ and I am also very aware of avoiding ‘toxic’ people too.

So I challenge you – repeat the words. ‘I am mentally alert! I am physically calm!’ This is HUMAN ‘BEING’!

Can you be these seemingly contradictory states, simultaneously?

Watch how life flows once you achieve this…