Family is like an enigma…

I always love the idea of them -maybe cos i watched too many damn sitcoms as a child. It is only always once the present moment hits and I am surrounded by parents and siblings and their better halves who ‘only pick on me cos they want what’s best for me'(irony not missed here) – or when I feel myself being squashed back into the box that fits their label of who I’m supposed to be – that I wonder what ever happened to what was supposed to be a fun weekend away?

By the Sunday morning, over a glorified family breakfast with far too much food, noise and even more resentment, I am left wondering why I ever left the haven of my own home for this picture?

Be this as it may, we have to acknowledge that each of our family members were handpicked to be our greatest ‘teachers’. Think about it – how far have your family pushed you and how accurately have they pressed your buttons?

Over time I have stopped buying into the myth of the perfect family and began honouring each member of my family unit for all they have pushed me (sometimes painfully) to be. My family are not my sense of belonging nor are they a solace – My belonging resides within all of me, and God is my solace – my family are my greatest teachers, for that I am grateful – best taken in small doses.

Love them or hate them it’s your choice…..