With Valentine’s Day having just passed I was forced to face my judgements around all the commercialism and marketing that inevitably surrounds the Day.

Waking up on Wednesday morning to a number of messages from friends and family left me with a feeling of appreciation and warmth. Watching my kids pack their novelty chocs and flowers for their friends and excitedly dorn their red and pink t-shirts in preparation for a day of giving love had me re-thinking my view. As I proceeded through my day the spreading of love seemed infectious. Walking through the mall, running my usual errands, I was pleasantly surprised by a well dressed gentleman handing out red roses to the female shoppers. It felt so special and so right!

It’s no wonder by the end of the day I found that I too was showing tokens of appreciation and gestures of love to my blessed family and helpers….

Why not? Loving and being loved is why we are here on this crazy planet! Love is contagious so let’s be it. Let’s make every day Valentines Day …. or at least one day a week.

Be love my beautiful Cupid’s…….. be all of what love is #beingnotdoing#belove