I can’t believe that we are approaching the middle of February. Is it just me or does it feel like catching moments has become as elusive as trying to hold water in your hands. Hours are rolling into days, and days into weeks and i feel like I’m on a hamster wheel and just can’t seem to get off.

In this fast paced, multitasking world where the finish line just keeps edging that much further – we need to make the time to STOP! To pause! To stop, and smell the roses…. to be still!

This morning, sitting in the warmth of the morning sunshine in my little townhouse garden in Johannesburg – I did just that. And I noticed, the birds singing the sweetest melodies, my seasonal flowers in full bloom and my tabby cat looking like she’s been eating far too many fledglings. Just taking 20 minutes to still my mind and observe Mother Nature doing her backstage performance, created stillness within me. I felt my body rising and falling with each breathe and focused on breathing deeper and expanding my diaphragm. I acknowledged a niggling pain in my right shoulder and made a note to do this presencing thing more often…

Yes! We have to gym, and buy the groceries, and cook and taxi our kids and work….. as long as the earth spins on its axis these to-dos will be there, no matter our stage of life! The point is to take 60 seconds every hour or at least before meals, a couple of times a day to pause! Let the earth rotate and the to-dos keep doing – Pause and breathe!

I love this 16 second Breathing Practise that allows us to use our breathe to attain stillness! It’s great to gain presence, and it only takes 16 seconds.

For 4 seconds watch the breathe (in your minds eye), as it enters your nostrils and wafts down your trachea. Then hold it in for 4 seconds – I picture it in my lungs at this stage. And now breathe out for 4 seconds – feeling it leaving your body. And for the last 4 seconds visualize it staying out (entering the atmosphere after having been altered by passing through your cells).

So – 4 seconds in – 4 seconds hold – 4 seconds out -and 4 seconds watching it out! 16 seconds! If we do this 4 times, it has a most profound effect of slowing everything down and we don’t miss all the good parts of living. 4 times is just over 60 seconds. We can do that – Right?

So let’s try it – let’s be present – be still – let’s BE! #beingnotdoing#bestill#bepresent