Why is it that we vie for labels when it come to our clothes, handbags and shoes ? Yet when we ourselves get labeled we choose to look the other way. If I was labeled ‘Michael Kors’ would I not want to improve my brand image to be a ‘Chanel’? How is it – that our aspiration for the labels we wear keep increasing, yet our labels for who we are being, or perceived to be being deserves no energy? Wouldn’t being labeled, just assist us to work on improving our personal brand value?

As Agony Aunt – I often hear people complaining about the behavior of others. And the advice I find myself dishing out is – Label it! This statement often perplexing to the recipient – seems to be a foreign, even offensive solution, and is met by much resistance. Is it incorrect to call a spade a spade? . Not with heightened emotion, just plainly stating – I don’t wish to deal with you any more because I can’t trust you, due to you lying to me. Is that not better than gossiping about the person, Or frustrating about their treatment of you?

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not advocating walking around judging and categorizing individuals. What I AM saying is – for those people who you call your partner or friend – be honest and let them know where their areas of development are – instead of shutting the door on them resentfully? Is it really that different from a Performance Review on a consultation job you just performed?

Following on from this – comes our challenge for the week – how would you respond – if I labeled YOU? Would you look at it as constructive criticism and work on your poorer quality areas? Or would you feel offended and take it personally?

In light of the above, I suggest we take our prompt and work on our brand image. Maybe label yourself? Find your areas of improvement? And – if you dare – ask those close to you ‘Who you Being’ around them? – and then, try to be open to the label. #beingnotdoing #bechanel#bequality