I am frequently humbled and inspired by humans who epitomize being spiritual in all their actions. We can call them prophets, mystics, sages or gurus. The fact is whether you are looking at the Prophet Muhammad or Sadhguru, or even our current day Deepak Chopra you will find one of the first teachings offered to the layman on the path to spirituality is to practice Gratitude. This intrigued me, as I began exploring ‘What gratitude is?’ And ‘The Power of being grateful.’

Gratitude I realized came in all shapes and sizes. It was as magnanimous as 16 year old Malala Yousefzei -who just after being shot down for daring to speak up around her rights as a girl for education- being and expressing gratitude, for legs that work and eyes that can see (despite just finding out she’s deaf in one ear and her face is deformed.) Or it could be as simple as a smile of thanks to a cashier at a till. I watched how easily the cashier responded by returning the smile, and the warmth of the monetary exchange moved me. So this got me excited about my #beingnotdoing revolution and I incorporated being grateful as my affirmation for the week.

That week – I started my day with the affirmation in the shower ‘I am Grateful’, and looked for opportunities throughout the day to be just that. Quite prophetic of me, if I may say so myself! I thanked my morning smoothie and all the individual ingredients within – the spinach and the apple for growing these last few months, absorbing the sunlight and nutrients- to perfectly nourish me. I was grateful to my guard at the complex gate and smiled to acknowledge him. As I completed my run that afternoon I took a moment to thank my body and all my muscles and the respiratory and the other systems (I don’t even pretend to understand) for allowing me to move and exercise my body. And that night before bed, and every other night since, as I brushed my teeth in preparation for bed, I thanked myself and my family for five unique things that happened that day, be it, being grateful to myself for my willpower to resist that chocolate bar or even expressing thanks for having a warm body next to me to go snuggle with, after an accomplished day.

As the week passed the question of ‘The Power of Gratitude’ unveiled itself. I was happier, felt like I was of service to the world by just acknowledging these small blessings with more awareness. I became more appreciative and less insulting of my body and myself. And overall I had a sense of contentment with my lot. Don’t get me wrong – my life is far from picture perfect – but by ‘being grateful’ each day I found the perfection in that very moment, hour and day. I stopped focusing on all the things NOT right in my day and managed through connecting with gratitude to make myself aware of all the many many little things The were perfectly right in each of my days.

This power of gratitude was further emphasized when I came across a book by Emoto on the beauty and high vibration of crystals that form in a glass of drinking water if that water is ‘Thanked’ before you sip it. This together with the fact, that a human being is made up of 70% water further endorsed thanking ourselves for being us.

So my friends, on this 2018 journey of being and not doing – I challenge you – Be Grateful this week and feel that gratitude come back to u!