So if we believe in any kind of Higher Being – a God of any faith – somehow we know we are here either as his/her representative, to strive towards betterment in the hope of maybe attaining perfection (of some sort). We may even believe that this Supreme Higher Power designed and fashioned us and even blew his/her breathe into us (to bring us to life). Or our belief system might even be, that we are incarnated here as humans repeatedly until we attain this elusive perfection over many different lifetimes.

Whatever our faith or belief system the one thing I know is that, I am a soul who has chosen to come to earth as a human BEING – and not a human DOING! So why am I always concerned about what I should be doing? What should I DO to show how much I love someone? Or what I should do when I grow up? Or learning how to do my career of choice? Seems to me that there is far to much effort and attention placed on DOING – which inevitably involves a plan and thought process and very little space is given to BEING!

So today I wish to launch in preparation for 2018 #beingnotdoing. A revolution where we start setting our goals on BEING that which we know we can be…. being Love! Being Kind! Being of service!  I suggest we shift from planning what to do, to choosing a character trait that we choose to build on and  BEING that! Since we all believe we are souls fashioned by Source, we can all own to some extent Gods qualities or at least the potential to grow these qualities within ourselves by ‘BEING’ them!

Let me give you an example – I wish to be more patient! I know that this is a quality of God and I own and believe it is a quality within myself that I wish to BE! So I don’t plan setting aside time to DO patient acts. Instead, for a week, each morning I affirm to myself ‘I am patient’ and I spend all week BEING patient in all the normal daily activities I pursue. I am BEING patient in traffic, with myself when I make mistakes, BEING patient as my 3 year old deliberates over a choice of chocolates at the grocery store, or in the queue at the bank. So in this way I am not adding yet another TO DO item to my never ending list but just BEING that which is innately within me with some awareness #beingnotdoing

So for 2018 I will be sharing and prompting us through being not doing, on a regular basis. I am thrilled to be sharing my journey of BEING a humanBEING with you!