As a child I quickly came to realize the power of mind. My ability to comprehend information and articulate it coherently, became an easy way for me to shine in the spotlight. I encouraged my mind to push itself by studying various subjects successfully and I mastered the powers of manipulation. These mental games became my personal challenge and I approached each scenario devoid of any emotion or consequence. On the contrary – I applauded myself on my growing success in this area.

It was around 6 years ago – I heard someone share the truth, that we are NOT the image that looks back at us in the mirror. Neither are we the titles we add before our names …… Mr. Dr. Ms…. Nor are we the roles we play … wife, daughter, mother…What we are is a SOUL, living in a body, and having a mind. At that time – this point of fact, blew my way of thinking and seeing and experiencing myself. I started identifying with my Soul and inevitably connecting via my Soul to Source. Meditation, spending time with myself and journaling became my tools to excavate the Soul aspect of myself. I was so sure that this was what wisdom felt like. 

Now, sitting at the ripe age of 40 – I look back at my life’s journey – knowing I haven’t fully experienced my life on earth as I ought to. If, as a Soul, I chose to come to earth to experience life, through the body vessel and mind that I occupy, then to truly say ‘I have lived’ , I need to fully experience all aspects of this life. MIND! BODY! and SOUL….
So, what lies in the immediate horizon, for me, is exploration of my body. How to fully do this….still eludes me right now. The obvious first step seems to be experiencing my body on a physical level by pushing myself through exercise and movement. 

So, this couch potatoes is lacing up some running shoes,  and as I stepped out into the crisp air this morning  – I smiled to myself as I heard in the distance behind me “Run Forrest! Run!”. Knowing full well that the road ahead of me is yet another highway in my adventure called Life!