I’ve spent most of my years believing in ‘happily ever after’ and ‘friends for life’. I bought into this man-made belief , pursuing relationships to support the belief.

The thing is, considering how much I have evolved – physically (one look in the mirror), emotionally and spiritually in the last 20years, I started to wonder how realistic that belief is? 

I look at my spouse – he is awesome, I love him with all my heart – is he the same man I married? Absolutely not! In fact, interestingly, he is quite the opposite. His journey over the last 2 decades has taken him from being spontaneous, fun-loving (some would say irresponsible), to predictable, routined and most responsible. And where I started out as a new bride – most obliging, aware of my new role and responsibilities – I now find myself looking at my rebellious teenage son as a kindred spirit. 

So – I put to you – considering some 20 years ago, neither my spouse, best friends, nor I, could have predicted our paths of evolution – is this ‘forever’ really meant to be till our dying days? Or rather, till it serves our highest purposes? 

In no way am I advocating divorce, affairs or any such thing – my point is – seriously? Know that we are all ever changing as is the universe around us, expect it and accept it. Don’t be surprised when u look up one day and realize your best friend is a stranger. Don’t judge it or yourself. Know – you are at a crossroads. Is the investment cost in trying to make this relationship still work worth the benefit? Or not? Are you both headed to a similar place? Is the relationship serving your highest purpose? Or not?

Whatever your answer – be true and honour yourself! 

Forever is only while it serves you….