Ok, for those willing to push themselves towards evolution. Here’s a true challenge! 

If you ever spectatored, or even participated, in running marathons or ambitious cycle tours or even more gruelling triathlons – trust me when I tell you, working on this divine quality of ‘loving unconditionally’ makes all those physically agonising challenges look like a walk in the park.

I suppose, this is because, it’s a quality that has become so elusive to us, even though I believe it’s in our intrinsic nature. I mean think about it – which toddler looks at his mum or dad thinking – you’re ok! But I need you to lose a bit more weight mum, before I can love you fully. Or Dad, I find the way you convince me to open my mouth for puréed carrots, by deceiving me when u play ‘airplane coming into the airport’, quite unforgivable! Laughable! Because kids love us unconditionally – ALL of us – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Try apologising to your 5 year old, and asking them to forgive you, for something you believe you should not have done. I promise you, I have done this. No judgement! Justlove and immediate forgiveness, naturally. In fact, my daughter turned to me and empathised – saying, Mom, don’t worry, we all make mistakes – and hugged me? Pure and from the heart – so easy and natural.

But then they grow up, the world teaches them the difference between right and wrong. And it changes. Instead of trusting and listening to their hearts they now use intellect. Overrated I tell you!

So now to that same toddler, it’s crystal clear – if something is not right – or even just different to my right – it must be wrong! It follows then, that a wrong deserves a judgement and a subsequent punishment. To right the wrong. They watch this system operate all around them. And they buy into it. Gone is their divine ability to love purely and forgive easily. They have turned into US!

Now follow my thoughts here, if it’s a wrong you need to correct it, or at least punish it. So, what would it make you if you actually accepted that wrong and besides accepting it – Loved it!

You see where all this starts derailing? It’s impossible to even fathom!

Yet that my fellow dear souls, that, is exactly what is called for, when u love unconditionally…..

It’s loving the entire package! Not fixing, not judging, and not punishing! Just accepting and forgiving AND forgetting! Knowing fully well that YOU too could have made the same mistake.

And then realising that since you can’t judge or fix or punish – you explore acceptance and forgiveness and divine love! You will try and get it right and then fall off the bandwagon as the intellect and ego creeps stealthily back in. But you get up, dust yourself off and keep at it, with every person in every relationship, every judgemental thought or prejudiced action… I told you – not for the faint hearted!

Will you ever cross the finish line on this one? I can’t tell u – I haven’t done the distance yet…

The one thing I can assure you – is that along the way. You will often, look up at God in awe, and realise, WOW! You love each of us in this way? Unconditionally……..