The new year always brings with it this silent pressure of making a change, drawing up resolutions and goals. I’ve been pondering this process I go through, year after year, and challenging whether this serves my higher purpose? Am I setting myself up to fail, or taking an opportunity to drive the momentum wave? Is it really in my best interest to put to paper an ideal that I commit to for an entire 365 days? Am I just being cowardly and non-committal? Whimsical? 

Hmmmm…….. Well, I have followed the masses for at least 3 decades – so for this time, in this moment I choose to trust the flow. I choose to wake up each morning and listen to that voice within, be inspired by the murmurs of the winds and the hummmm of the insects. I invite the universe to support and guide me to meet whomever I am meant to and speak only that which I’m supposed to and open my eyes and heart to all the opportunities and synchronicities presented to me  – so that I may journey towards my true self.

Now that I think about it – this in itself is the ‘change’ for 2015. How exciting? I open my eyes each morning going forward, and can choose who I want to be today! Now that’s change! Liberating change!