I awoke this morning – shortly after sunrise. Sneaked out onto the balcony – tip toeing with blanket and pillow in hand. Quietly shut the door behind me and turned around, ‘What a sight!’ Sprawled in front of me lay today’s palette choice – the grey-green of the endless ocean and overcast sky lay sprawled before me, merged and blended – such that I couldn’t quite figure out where the sea ended and the sky started. 

Smilingly, I made myself comfortable on my blanket and propped a pillow behind me – breathed in and took in the sounds of the gently rolling waves. My ears slowly filled with the sounds of the ocean – almost as if I was cupping a sea shell over my earlobes. What a gift! What a blessing! Just outside my window……. I was startled by the door rolling open and my daughter sleepily standing there – rubbing her eyes and stretching. Amused, I watched her rid herself of the last traces of sleep and then her facial expression took on clear disappointment, and she said,  “Oh no! It’s raining – such a grey day.” 

As she trudged back in – I smiled and reflected – I suppose it will always depend on your point of view! 

Kareema Mitha http://www.soul-purpose.co.za